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Busted! This website is about men…. but is it?

This is what Jamin said in his initial post on his own blog:

“As part of my internship with Adaptive Path, I am writing an essay for the essay section of their website. I’m still formulating what it is I’m writing about, and a colleague recommended I look at

The first thing I noticed when viewing the site is a list photos, designers who have been interviewed about design and emotion. All of the designers are men.

Given generalizations of women being more emotional than men, I found this amusing.

Why are they all men? Is it a lack of women in design? A lack of women designers being appreciated? Men being more interested in emotional design than women? The site curator being male?”

I responded, telling him that I never realized and that it was (of course) not a conscious decision. That makes the whole issue even more interesting, doesn’t it? A psychologist also responded and alleged that men and women are drawn to different aspects of particular fields, and perhaps men are drawn to the emotional aspects of design more than women. Interesting point! Especially because of the typical ideas we have about emotion, as Jamin stated correctly:

” If we are to go with stereotypes, you might assume women would be more interested in the emotional aspects of design.”

I am also intrigued by this statement and I am curious about your views on this. And, in any case, please send me some suggestions for leading female design experts for next interviews, as it seems I am not capable of finding them myself 😉 Thanks!

Visit the post by Jamin at Adaptive Path’s blog.

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