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New book: “Designing Emotions in Online Travel”

Soraia Cardoso of Sotopia Usability and René Vaartjes, wrote this new book on emotional design: “Designing Emotions in Online Travel”.

from the website:

Designing Emotions in Online Travel“This book is a case study, based on empirical research (online surveys and in depth interviews), proves that consumers judge the attractiveness of a product or service based on their own perception, feelings and emotions.

In a journey through the emotional stages of people while booking a holiday online it becomes clear that facts and figures aren’t enough. People want a journey through the senses.

Tickling one’s imagination through visuals, colours, and engaging functionalities is the key to designing for emotions. The secret is when and how in the booking process this should be done.”

I have ordered it right away and once I have finished reading it, I will place an extensive review here. I am very curious about the emotional stages they refer to and what the results of measuring the emotions through a survey are.


It will be also interesting to read, because at Monito I am currently developing a tool to measure emotions during interactions with websites. If you would like to follow Kevin Capota in his research for the development of the LEMTool (working name), please visit his weblog.

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