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That pisses me off!

This great guerilla advertising campaign comes from Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.

Card board figure pissing people off

Cardboard people were placed around certain locations to highlight the public restroom shortage in New York. An Internet address was placed on the back of the figure.

On the website, they are urging all New York City residents to contact their city council people and suggest that they will pass legislation which will result in the creation of a comprehensive, city-wide system of clean, accessible toilets for all.

look at people's faces

This campaign seems such a great example of an original way to provoke negative emotions to make a point. You can really see people get unpleasantly surprised on the photos. I guess that after a close look, they will realize it is cardboard. Because of the first felt strong emotions, the message will probably come across much better. After the “shock” and the realization, the internet address provokes great curiousity, right?

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