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Wanted: A common understanding of (the term) User Experience

I just came back from UXSpain, the first edition of what hopefully will soon be a household conference for the Spanish UX community. At the conference there were professionals from many different backgrounds, all brought together by the commonly shared term User Experience (UX) which problably all attendents use in their profile. However, in the various presentations and especially in the round table discussions in which the audience participated very passionately, you could also notice strong differences in opinion and approach (swinging from design-focus, reseach-focus to organisation-focus). I think this was not only due to professional differences of opinion, but I also felt there was a lack of common understanding of the term User Experience.

I would like to point you to a wonderful piece called the “User Experience White Paper – bringing clarity to the concept of user experience“. This was written and put together by a group of 30 experts, as a result of the  Dagstuhl Seminar on Demarcating User Experience, September 15-18, 2010.

Most importantly not a definite document, but according to the experts and also in my opinion, an important step towards a common understanding on user experience. Have a look and tell me what you think.

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