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D&E Slow Glow Award 2010 goes to Jodi Forlizzi!

This is an excerpt of the original speech by Design & Emotion Society president, Prof. Dr. Paul Hekkert.

“True beauty and value slowly reveal itself”

From 2010 onwards, the daily board of the Design and Emotion society has decided to install a new award, “the slow glow award”. This bi-annual award goes to:

  • someone who has made an excellent and long lasting contribution to the field of design and emotion;
  • someone whose theoretical and empirical work has made a profound impact to our understanding of  ‘the experience of everyday things’;
  • someone who has consistently and authentically shown us how to design for a world that is very much worth living in.

At the Chicago conference we have proudly presented the Design & Emotion slow glow award 2010 to JODI FORLIZZI.


For more than 15 years, Jodi Forlizzi has been very active in our field, among others by organizing excellent events. In numerous publications, Jodi has unveiled the relationship between experience, design, and emotion, and how to design to evoke and support social behavior. With her work, Jodi Forlizzi has inspired and influenced many – if not all ­– of us.

Dr. Forlizzi holds interdisciplinary appointments as associate professor both in Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design and its Human-Computer Interaction Institute. She is also The A. Nico Habermannn Chair in the School of Computer Science.

About the physical award, the Slow Glow lamp – by NEXT architects & Aura Luz Melis

The light source is immersed in fat. As the heat from the light slowly melts the substance, an intriguing process gradually unravels before your eyes. The light glows brighter and brighter and the lamp becomes warmer and warmer in a comforting way.

The Design & Emotion Society believes the experiential qualities of this lamp express the true nature of the award: true beauty and value slowly reveal itself.

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