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Hoo-Ha New York / Mexico City – A delicious blend of emotions & multi-sensory experiences

2 SESSIONS: November 16th & 17th in New-York City – USA
+ Private Hoo-Ha Showcase: November 19th in Mexico City

The “HOO-HA SENSORIMIX Festival” is becoming established as the alternative sensory rendez-vous due to its unique and innovative programme. Boosted by the enthusiastic welcome of the first editions in Europe, EUROSYN exports the venture to the USA with a seminar totally turned to multisensory and product experience!

Produced by EUROSYN in partnership with MANE this edition of this inter-disciplinary festival further develops its focus on specialists who are transforming sensory practices on both sides of the Atlantic. They blend their talents to devise a creative and unique event!

Whether you’re a specialist in Design, Marketing, Sensory Evaluation, QC/QA, or R&D, this festival is for you.

Programme: demonstrations, meetings and exchanges around the 5 senses. An out-of-this world trip in the heart of a unique sensory experience!

The art of experiencing the senses differently !

| HOO HA PASS | The number of invited guests admitted to the Hoo-Ha Festival is voluntarily limited to ensure a high level of comfort. It is therefore necessary for spectators to book as soon as possible to confirm their participation.

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A summary of my talk:

‘Ya Feel Me?’

Influencing the behaviour and satisfaction of your customers has never been more effective. Even though it is not possible to design an experience in itself, measuring experiences and more specifically emotions will give you a head start in designing interventions that will create great experiences that are both authentic and meaningful.

SusaGroup has developed an insightful 4-step method and a series of tools to disclose, understand, envision and conceptualise emotion in your business. A focus on your customer’s emotions contributes positively to your business on a number of levels such as unique ways for personalization, setting up your price strategy and customer loyalty. Emotionally engaged customers do not choose your product, but rather feel it is the right product for them.

In this presentation you will be shown the method, the tools and the examples that matter, after which a little live experiment will give you a feeling of how measuring emotions works. Ya feel me?

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