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Daniel Pink: Why right-brainers will rule the future

Imram Ali referred to the work of Daniel Pink at the Webworkerdaily. I think it is an interesting call for change, with a lot of overlapping concepts to what we are talking about at SusaGroup:

Pink’s latest book speaks of a “conceptual age” of work where “left-brained” reasoning will need to be augmented by what he describes as six critical “right-brain” qualities:

  1. Design — The ability to conceive more than purely functional services or products, and develop emotionally engaging, joyful and attractive solutions.
  2. Story — In a society abundant with data, the ability to weave a compelling narrative will become increasingly crucial.
  3. Symphony — Being able to synthesize disparate, often disconnected, developments into something new, often straddling many industries, will be the basis of innovation.
  4. Empathy — Looking beyond analytics to understand underlying motivations can provide unique and distinct insights.
  5. Play — Wiring levity and play into cultures, experiences and solutions where appropriate.
  6. Meaning — Moving past material abundance to “work on stuff that matters.”
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