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How do people feel emotions? A visualisation experiment.

Nice project I found coincidentally: Orlagh O’Brien wanted to investigate how people feel emotions, and asked people to visualise this or relate it to for example colors:

Can people describe their visceral feelings of emotion visually, and if so, would any patterns arise? In order to answer this, I had to develop some way of asking people to reflect on and describe their private feelings in a simple, repeatable manner, the results of which could be correlated visually and demographically.

By gathering concepts of feeling by word, colour and line and creating visual languages for anger, joy, fear, sadness and love – a kind of democratic visual language is created – a backwards-brand.

Result of the question: draw/ sketch where you feel the emotion in your body:

Emotion in body

Result of the question: which color would you relate to this emotion?

Emotion in colors

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