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What do you feel in a hotel?

The main goal of David’s project is to design a tool that can be used by designers to measure and map the overall emotional experiences of a user towards a specific experiential design.

As a case study for the project, it was chosen that the focus will be laid on the `hotel experience’, that is, the experience of a guest staying at a hotel. The instrument should be able to measure the emotional responses of the guest towards the various touch points (user-service interaction points) he encounters along his journey as a hotel guest.


David could use a hand in his first experiment, care to help out?

“For my MSc. Graduation project, I’m conducting a small study regarding the emotions you experience while in a hotel, and I’d like to ask your help remembering some of the times that you have stayed in a hotel and tell me some of the things you’ve experienced by using the following online survey:

It can take as little as 5 minutes to help a bit and I will really appreciate your time and effort.”

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