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Created in Holland @ 100% Design Tokyo

Showing work at the Dutch stand from 30 October through 3 November will be:

Michel Doyer, Alexander Pelikan, SENZ Umbrellas,, KREJCI, Horsehair Weaving, More Than Hip, The Cottage Industry, Sander Luske, Gewoon, Draag Design, XO+, ATTI

Tuttobene is organising the 100m2 exhibition on behalf of the EVD, Agency for International Business and Cooperation that is initiated by Premsela, Dutch platform for design and fashion. The collections will be seen by international manufacturers, distributors, journalists and others. Exhibiting is an excellent way for designers to profile themselves on the Japanese market.

Created in Holland is the third group exhibition to be initiated by Premsela at 100% Design Tokyo. Premsela, the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Convention (NBTC), the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo are also collaborating on a matchmaking programme, a website, a magazine and a promotional campaign. Tuttobene will in large part organise the exhibition, publication and matchmaking.

100% Design Tokyo, founded in 2005, is Japan’s largest international commercial trade fair for contemporary design. In 2007, it drew 85,298 visitors. The fair is part of Tokyo Designers Week, Japan’s biggest design event, which saw its 23rd edition in 2008. Each year, numerous Dutch presentations can be seen all over the city. Tuttobene believes it is important to make all Dutch designers exhibiting in Tokyo visible for the local public and the press.


A magazine will be published and handed out to all visitors of the presentation and distributed throughout Tokyo from strategic locations. In the publication the focus is on the creating process of design and the differences and similarities between Dutch and Japanese designers, which have been influencing each other for over 400 years. You find the designs from the participating designers, various articles and columns, a guide with interesting places in the Netherlands for design-loving Japanese travellers. The magazine is designed by Lesley Moore, who are known through their challenging graphics of MARK magazine. The booth is designed by Laurens van Wieringen who was inspired by the concept of market-place with a dynamic but coherent design as a result.

Contribution by Design & Emotion

For the magazine, I was asked to write a contributing article that would cover emotional design and cultural differences between Holland and Japan. For this article, I interviewed Laurens van den Acker, head of design at Mazda. The complete conversation that I had with Laurens, which was very interesting and entertaining, will be published in the Get Emotional With.. series on this website (right after the magazine has been published). I will let you all know as soon as it is up online 🙂

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