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Passiontour 2008 – design in Chile on the move!

I am very excited about this, as it will give me an opportunity to discover Chile both as an extraordinary beautiful country as well as a country where design is on the way up. For some time now, I have been in contact with several people such as Luis Lopez Toledo of the initiative ‘Chile Pais de Diseño‘. Their website and organisation shows how active the design scene is becoming in Santiago (and Chile in general).

Passiontour is another example of the growing interest and popularity of design in Chile. I am very happy and honoured to be part of it this year. The official description of the event and the motivations behind it, written by the organising committee follows below.

Passiontour design is the most important international event in Chile about design subjects and topics.
Vitacura , the main design district in Santiago, was the venue in 2007 for the first edition and with the presence of outstanding professionals such as harry@camila, Karim Rashid, Helena Ladeiro, Marie O´Mahony, Mauricio Clavero among others.

Passiontour is about design and even more design management, it is the bridge between enterprise and professionals in Chile.
We are working on the logic that design can’t live apart of the company and vice versa. For the increasing internationalization and the convergence of the disciplines of product and communication design passiontour have been involving the industrial products in the companies and this is one of our most important goals in South America.

We work on the discipline of cultural interchange and we are a platform even  for international knowledge by the hand of outstanding professionals in the fields of design, management, psychology ,marketing and communications whom came every year to conferences, workshops and lectures from different nations. Passiontour works by the sustainable design and the increase for the national companies within the international competitiveness  in their business.

For this year 2008 we will enter in the field of “design and emotion” of the hand of Marco van Hout as the main invited to this edition.

In each venue of passiontour design you can travel around the world of design with style…be passion and take advantage of each tour!

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