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NH Hoteles and Philips partner for two year study into consumer well-being

Philips has extensive experience in lighting-vs-well-being studies and I like the fact that they want to team up with partners like NH hotels to take it to the next stage.

The article, from Philips Design News:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Madrid, Spain – NH Hoteles and Philips have announced that they will conduct an intensive two-year study into the optimization of well-being amongst hotel guests. To support the research, NH Hoteles and Philips have teamed up as a first step to create a unique room at NH Hoteles’ flagship Barbizon Palace hotel in Amsterdam featuring the latest in ambient solutions. Researchers will collect consumer insights into how different room settings and technologies affect the guests’ hotel going experience and well-being as well as their interaction and relationship with entertainment systems and lighting.

Currently being specially designed and equipped, the “NH Ambient Experience” room will become functional during the summer and combine the latest innovations in dynamic LED lighting design, audio-visual entertainment and health and well-being products. Guests will be able to fully personalize their surroundings in line with their mood for example by using intuitive controls and pre-set lighting environments – static, restful effects…or dynamic ones – to help them promote an overall sense of well-being and relaxation as well as bringing an element of the personal spa into their own hotel room environment. The use of colored light, for example, can enhance guests’ moods and enrich experiences – just as the latest developments in televisions, like Philips Ambilight, clearly show.

The room will enable all types of guests, from business to leisure travelers, to experience the new state-of-the art technology in the NH Ambient Experience room. “With more and more people traveling and spending time in hotel rooms, the experience that we create for our guests in terms of personalization and well-being is a key priority. Therefore, we are constantly looking at how we can create exciting and surprising experiences for our guests,” according to Gabriele Burgio, President of NH Hoteles. The same booking procedure will be used for the NH Ambient Experience room as with other standard NH Hoteles rooms.

The partnership builds upon other experience research between the two companies on how to optimize the hotel experience. In other ongoing initiatives, Philips is working together with NH in various European countries on the use of energy efficient lighting designs in an effort to improve interior ambiences while simultaneously improving energy efficiency, illustrating that energy efficient lighting does not mean having to sacrifice a luxurious image or particular type of ambience. Furthermore, Philips and NH Hoteles are also investigating new intelligent solutions geared towards helping guests find their way in hotels.

“We are always looking at new ways through which our innovations can improve people’s lives and contribute to a more complete sense of health and well-being. We are therefore very excited about partnering with NH Hoteles in this study where we are essentially putting the consumer at the center of what we do to enable us to continue bringing relevant and meaningful solutions into the market, ” Harry Hendriks, CEO Philips Netherlands, has said.

The results from the current study will help Philips to continue to become more customer-centric and provide innovative and timely solutions that improve people’s lives based on indepth consumer insights. NH Hoteles, on the other hand, will in the future apply Philips’ solutions in its hotels to set the standards in the hotel industry and continue to improve the hotel experience of their guests.

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