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Hotel Cram (Barcelona) colours its façade with website-user generated emotions

This week, Gonzalo Zaragoza, creative director of Nopiun contacted me to share their latest interactive project. In my opinion, a very nice and creative application of using visitors’ emotional states for promoting the hotel and provide very direct feedback to the audience and public passing by the hotel.

Read the official press release below:

Nopiun… interactive communication and direct marketing, launches the new Hotel Cram website. It is an interactive experience that lets users express their emotions through personalized emoticons, which are then used as statistical information to colour the hotel’s façade through a long-life lighting system. Hotel Cram’s website users can visually surf the whole website and leave personalized emoticons describing how they are feeling at the moment anywhere on the images. All the information is collected in a database that is linked to the façade’s computerized lighting system, which lights up the hotel’s exterior with the predominating colour of the emotions the users generate. Although participation is open to the general public (, the website is also accessible from all the hotel rooms through an audiovisual system connected to Internet.

This project’s goal was to create an exceptional experience with a strong emotional component for the Hotel Cram, which would give the hotel a unique personality which would differentiate it from the rest of the vanguard hotels in Barcelona. The idea is for the audience to have very direct and emotional contact with the hotel from the start. From the point of view of communication, the website has two possible perspectives. One that is based on the users’ need to look for a specific practical appraisal, such as hotel availability or hotel location and the other, from a more emotional perspective that is inspired by the setting, environment, sensations and so on.

More info:

This is how it works

1) You enter the website


2) You browse through the website and whenever you like, you leave feedback about your emotional state and experience of the space (or anything in it) that you are looking at.


3) All emotions that have been added that day together change the facade of the hotel: it shows the color that symbolises the ’emotion of the day’.


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