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2008 Industrial Design Trend – Seoul (South Korea): an impression

Below a short visual impression:

Old defense wall
1. Ancient wall to protect old Seoul

Hyundai Grandeur
2. 50% of Korean cars on the road is a Hyundai. Together with KIA an astonishing 75%!

Navigating through Seoul
3. Korean streets often don’t have an official name. ‘Official’ nicknames are used to refer to and navigate through streets


4. Starbucks? No, it’s Tom ‘n Toms 🙂


5. The only Starbucks written in another language because of neighborhood regulations for signs


6. For the audibly impaired and deaf, in Korea they use all measures to help you watch a movie: subtitles and an annoying person in the middle of your screen… enjoy!


7. Mr. Young-Il Kim, Vice President of Hyundai/ KIA worldwide and CEO of Innocean, and myself


8. Room of Seminar (later on, it was packed)


9. Me presenting, with on the far right ms Cindy Kang who did a great job interpreting the presentation in Korean


10. In the middle: Founder and Chairman of SSCP, mr. Joo Eon Oh

12. SSCP handed out a beautifully designed book about 2008 Industrial Design Trend. I also wrote a design message in it.

In the book in image 12, SSCP presents the latest trends and trend investigations that were done by their large design research team. Specializing in color, the SSCP book shows a lot of results from extensive surveys on what people find appealing. For 2007, for example, SSCP sees the trend in color as follows: “Red and yellow were decreased and orange is distinguished. Also, increase of blue is apparent as purple blue is decreased. Grayish tones are important in overall hues. Pure black is decreased but dark colors close to black are increased. In contrast to decreased black, white is increased.”

I would like to thank SSCP for their kind invitation and I look forward to a next collaboration.

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