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Mobile phone design for the senses (smell)

smell-o-phoneMobile phone manufacturer Motorola wants to make using your phone a more fragrant experience. It was recently granted a patent for a way of making a handset release scents by heating a special cartridge. It was inspired by the way plug-in air fresheners work.

The patent notes that it might not be necessary to modify a phone’s design much. Tests showed that the power amplifier in some Motorola phones reaches about 60ºC – hot enough to activate the fragrance in a disposable gel sachet. (source: New Scientist)

It is a nice example of design for the senses, but I am wondering what the ‘use’ is of this extra addition to a mobile phone. Is it meant to make us pick up the phone when it is on ‘mute’ by smelling it? Can’t imagine the horror that we will experience in packed trains when more passengers own such a phone. I am already getting crazy with the variety of ring tones….

What do you think about the smell-o-phone?

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