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Baby’s Got Bling – You Can Package Anything

Recently I’ve seen a host of new product introductions and I wondered who is going to buy that? But there are products out there for everyone. After reviewing the items I got thinking these are great examples of the “Power Of The Package” you know packaging as the silent salesperson. After all its the packaging that going to sway you or not to consider purchasing these products.When I read about Bling H20, I initially thought what a great marketing ploy but then I realized that primary target demographics: boomers and women would be the ideal audience. These groups have money to spend and are willing to spend it for the right products. The luxury consumable market is also on the rise and product are being created to meet the demand. (Ask me about DIVA vodka) People are willing to invest in themselves with a little luxury spending so why not luxury bottle water.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this product Bling H20 ($35 a bottle) is no ordinary water. It comes in a thin, tall, frosted glass bottle and each 750ml bottle is handcrafted, corked, and decorated with exquisite Swarovski Crystals. Wow what a concept! I love Swarovski Crystals anyway. If you want to see a picture I’ll have it archived on my website shortly.

Along with other products in the super luxury category comes this example. “ICE ROCKS are a secured ice cube product made from spring water for the luxury market.” But its more that just high priced ice cubes. It touches us in other ways that are important such as product purity and security. They even touch the environmental button too with eco-friendly containers. “The ice cubes are made for savvy consumers who seek the same level of purity for the ice cubes they place in their favorite beverages. These cubes, to be consumed within two (2) years, are hermetically packaged in disposable, eco-friendly containers, providing the user with a complete guarantee with regard to hygiene and safety, while respecting the environment.” Ready to buy some prepackaged ice?

I had to finish with this one. Packaging Crap. Yes, you heard it you can package anything and sell it if you have the right marketing message in your product packaging. This is a direct quote “If the package looks pretty, people will buy just about anything. So says an advertising executive in New York, and he has proved his point by selling boxes of rubbish for the price of an expensive bottle of wine. Justin Gignac, 26, has offloaded almost 900 carefully presented plastic cubes of trash from the street of the Big Apple at between $50 (£26) and $100 each. Buyers from 19 countries have paid for the souvenirs. The idea has been so successful that he is thinking of franchising it around the world.” Yikes buying crap, my husband would love that one. He thinks all my packaging “examples” are crap too so maybe I should put them on Ebay.

But to recap why and how packaging works as a sales tool. It sends a message to the consumer. Its up to you the product manufacturer to determine what that message will be and who the audience is. But whomever the demographic the package has an important role to play and its integral to building your brand.

Does your packaging Engage, Evoke, and Engross the consumer?

So what constitutes compelling packaging brand? How “connected” are you to your consumer? Here are a few emotion descriptors that your package must convey. Does your packaging Engage, Evoke, and Engross the consumer?

Let’s look first at ENGAGE: to attract and hold by influence or power. Can you say that about your product packaging? Or is your product packaging just the opposite? Boring! Got any BLING in it?

Think about what you can do to improve the odds that your package will engage a consumer: Colors, features, shapes, value and benefits are all ways to reach out with your package. Swarovski Crystals?

EVOKE: To call forth or call up as in evoking memories. What about your package will make the consumer recall a successful or enjoyable product experience? How can you make them remember that they were satisfied in buying your product? In case they haven’t purchased before, what is going to “connect” them to your product on your package? What is so special about your package that they have to take a closer look?

ENGROSS: To engage the whole attention of (and that’s the key point). You have to get their attention to pick up our product before they can even consider buying it. Use features that will
capture their interest in seconds because that’s all the time you are going to get before they move on.

Another “feeling” word that conveys a strong and compelling brand is TRUST. You must create a place where people look for information and feel more secure doing so. It’s important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of security and information. So what about your product packaging conveys the experience that consumers can trust your brand? ICE ROCKS anyone?

Regardless of the reason a consumer may be in the store or looking at your product, introduce them to a “lifestyle” experience . . . trust, security, necessity or even peace of mind. Your package presence needs to call out “Buy Me” because I provide the experience of all of the above emotions.

Product branding is a powerful influence on everyone. It’s important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of happiness, satisfaction, security and information. The best of all brands cross gender, ethnicity and age demographics. That is to say that everyone will recognize and identify with the brand.

When you capture the power of the package people will integrate your product into their everyday life. They will not just turn to it as a convenience but as a necessity for comfortable living. So create your own story through powerful product packaging. Whatever your category, you should strive to engage, evoke, and engross the consumer to revitalize your brand through product packaging.

Just remember when you have BLING, You Can Package Anything.

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