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The new Mouse: “the Horse”


In the war against RSI a new weapon has been developed in The Netherlands, in a collaboration between the company Hippus and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

This revolutionary design keeps the hand in a complete relaxed position to avoid RSI. The results speak for themselves (warning: the site is in Dutch, but the images are understandable). Click on the flash movie to see how it works.

I am very curious how the mouse… ehm… Horse will work. One observation is already that it is not (that) ugly. Easthetically I think it looks more like a (sting) Ray than a Horse, but then again you don’t put your hand to go horse back riding on a sting ray. Another observation: please hurry to develop a wireless version.

foto51_paard_vooraanzicht.jpg foto53_paard_achteraanzicht.jpg

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