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The new Mouse: “the Horse”


In the war against RSI a new weapon has been developed in The Netherlands, in a collaboration between the company Hippus and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

This revolutionary design keeps the hand in a complete relaxed position to avoid RSI. The results speak for themselves (warning: the site is in Dutch, but the images are understandable). Click on the flash movie to see how it works.

I am very curious how the mouse… ehm… Horse will work. One observation is already that it is not (that) ugly. Easthetically I think it looks more like a (sting) Ray than a Horse, but then again you don’t put your hand to go horse back riding on a sting ray. Another observation: please hurry to develop a wireless version.

foto51_paard_vooraanzicht.jpg foto53_paard_achteraanzicht.jpg

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  1. Thank you for the compliment.
    As one of the designers, we made an effort to not only reduce muscle tension to a minimum, but to also come up with a design and a color which triggers potential users to not only start working with the Horse Mouse, but to also just place it on the desk top as an object that pleases the eye.

    Yours sincerely,
    Paul C. Helder
    Hippus NV


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