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Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven


Yesterday I visited the Dutch Design Week 2006 in Eindhoven. To start the week, I visited the exhibitions in Strijp and the very interesting graduation project exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven. I have been amazed once again by the quality of the presented work. Next month we will give a workshop at the Design Academy in Eindhoven at the department of “man and wellbeing”, which I even look more forward to after visiting the exhibition. It will definitely become an interesting day.

Back to the Dutch Design Week. Below I have placed a few presented designs to highlight the event:




The Tongue

The Tongue. New way of indoor/outdoor relaxing.



Design Academy Eindhoven:



A window bench. This one is great I think, because I used to love to sit in the window when I was a young(er) lad.


This door concept is also funny. You can take parts of the door out and change them with different ones. Create your own door.


Both chair as hanger, great to save space, but I am not sure if I would like one on the wall.


This one is for children and makes you experience the way some animals see the world. Great “emotional” design for the senses.


Bachelor chair

This one got the crowd going. The Bachelor Chair by Simon Kolff. He created an ironing board that can change into a chair. Another great space-saver and great fun.


Now, this is one of my favourites. I’mperfect, by Leonie Martine Janssen. “This impressive book contains the representation of various body shapes in hundreds of pictograms, which form the basis for products such as clothes pegs and safety pins. Every proportion appears to have its own beauty, functionality, and therefore perfection.” Talking about perfection, congratulations on your extensive work and being graduated Cum Laude, Leonie.


If you would like to see more, try to visit the Dutch Design Week. Definitely worth a visit.

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