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The Snaked Phone – another futuristic emotional phone design

As seen at designboom:

Developed by Product Visionaires in Berlin, snaked is a phone that can be worn by women as a fashionable accessory. As Product Visionaires put it: “Snaked is the ultimate symbol for fashion loving women to demonstrate an attitude of pride consciousness towards the female body by supporting body curves and attract through an emotionally visualized body monitor”.

Snaked phone
The twirling design of the Snaked phone

The Snaked phone can be worn around the arm

The phone is most of all a fashionable accessory for women

As we have seen earlier with Tamer Nakisi’s Nokia 888 design, the sky is the limit with new concepts for mobile phones. When technology will allow it (even better) and when the focus stays on creating emotional designs as these, I am really curious what we will be calling with in 5 years!

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