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Emotional mobile design meets your beliefs: “peep! Time to pray!”

“The “ilkone” mobile phones world is an incredible place where your spirit and emotions comes alive. This amazing world contains innovative and technologically advanced products that are brought to life in. Mobile phones that connect your spirits as you never experienced before, you can carry and have access to your belief whenever you are and wherever you need, as you progress through life”

What is Ilkone?

ilkone is a new brand of mobile phone, conceived in the Middle East. The name “ilkone” is driven from an Arab word meaning “universe”.

ilkone utilizes advanced technology to provide total solutions for GSM mobile phones, and which provides greater efficiency, more relevant and personalized services and functions to mobile phone users.

This mobile phone already is a big hit in the Middle East with special Islamic features like:

1) The Holy Quran. The Complete Holy Quran text with English Translation, Aproved by Al-Azhar
2) Qibla Automatic Qibla direction from anywhere in the world
3) Automatic Full Azan Voice Azan of Mecca, Madina & Cairo Voice,from anywhere in the world,with prayer alarm before and after Azan
4) Pray in Mosque Automatic silence and switching to vibration mode for 40 minutes from Azan
5) Ramadan Calender Automatic alarm for Sohour, Imsak and Iftar
6) Hijri Calender Islamic calender and date convertion

The phone model that is used; a bit dated but focused on first and second generation muslims in the Netherlands

Saqer Tellawi, CEO of Ilkone, refers to the new phone as a new step in personalizing communication devices: “Consumers nowadays view mobile phones as devices which can add value to their self being and inner feelings rather than just a simple communication tool. Ilkone i800 is specially designed to serve Muslims all across the world to address their needs, and add value to their spiritual self being,”

The Islamic phone has been around for over a year now and its success has a sequal now in The Netherlands, where from next week on the phone will be available as well.

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