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Emotion as the key to create better, more enjoyable and meaningful products

Since 2003 Marco van Hout has been studying the experiential impact and more specifically the emotional experience of products, brands and services. He is co-founder and creative director of SusaGroup, a strategic design agency with a particular focus on emotion as the key to create better, more enjoyable and meaningful products. SusaGroup combines scientific competences with market insights in the development and application of innovative, valid, and relevant tools to measure emotions. With SusaGroup, Marco advises several large corporations and FMCG’s in improving their products and services based on insights in the emotions of their customers. Clients included companies such as Unilever, Mars, Decathlon, Wilkinson, Toyota and Philips.

As research coordinator for MediaLAB at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Marco is responsible for the design and research program that students follow and contributes to the interchange of education, research and valorisation of the output.

Within the research group Interactive Public Spaces, Marco spent the past year to find ways for more meaningful applications of technology within public spaces. he was responsible for the creation and validation of an instrument that can help enriching spaces by using public (interactive) displays.

Marco is a board member of the International Design for Emotion Society, which raises issues and facilitates dialogue among practitioners, researchers and industry in order to integrate salient themes of emotional experience into the design profession. He is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator, both nationally as internationally, on topics such as design, trends in product design, emotion, experience strategies, or the psychology of consuming.

As a visiting (international) lecturer, he is a regular at IE University in Madrid, Elisava in Barcelona, University of Twente, Hogeschool Utrecht and Rotterdam University (a university of Applied Sciences). You can find Marco at his weblog www.design-emotion.com.

Get Emotional!
Emotions guide, enrich and ennoble life; they provide meaning to everyday existence. The experiential or emotional quality of products is becoming more and more important for differential advantage in the marketplace. Emotionally engaged customers do not choose your product, but rather feel it is the right product for them. Influencing the behaviour and satisfaction of your customers has never been more effective. Even though it is not possible to design an experience in itself, measuring experiences and more specifically emotional experience will give you a head start. It enables you to design interventions that will create great experiences that are both authentic and meaningful.


  • Design for Emotion – How to understand, measure and integrate emotion into the design process.
  • Get Emotional! – How insights into your customer’s emotional experience will give you a head start in creating true fans for your brand.
  • Web H2.0 – how to reach for the ‘heart’ by designing delightful interfaces.
  • Experience-driven Innovation – How can you innovate by focusing on the experiential characteristics of your product or service?


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