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Announcing Design & Emotion 2010 – Chicago (October 5-7). And D&E needs your input!

The International Conference on Design & Emotion is a forum where practitioners, researchers and industry meet and exchange knowledge and insights concerning the cross-disciplinary field of design and emotion.


For each edition, we think carefully about the themes that we would like to see covered at the conference.
This time, we would very much like to ask our members (you) what is exciting, new, fresh, current and important in their (your) opinion. Which design & emotion related themes would you like to see and learn more about at D&E2010?

Share them with us on the discussion board of our LINKEDin Group:

Thanks a bunch and we all hope you fix the dates to meet us in Chicago!

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  1. Dan Hill, president of Sensory Logic, Inc., is very interested in contributing as a speaker at the 2010 D&E Conference in Chicago. He is an experience international speaker, critically acclaimed author of 3 books and is currently writing his 4th book, “Step Closer, Step Ahead; 10 Rules for Effective 21st Century Marketing.

    • Marco van HoutAdmin

      Hi Nancy,
      thanks again for your interest in the conference. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, the speakers for the conference are invited by the Design & Emotion Society and the organizing partner in Chicago. Therefore, we do not usually take requests into consideration.


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