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The importance of the User Experience

Last week, Frank Spillers of Experience Dynamics approached me to translate this fine poster into Dutch. He is calling upon all of you to send him a translated version of the poster in your (native) language. In return you get a free English version sent to you in order to evengalize the importance of the User Experience and Usability in your own office. Contact Frank and start evengalizing the big UX!

This usability poster will look great in your office or cube. Your colleagues will thank you for giving them the “a-ha” they’ve been looking for!

When you are interested in translating the poster or would like to purchase one, please contact Frank Spillers.


The UX poster (Dutch)

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  1. Aaron CooperVisitor

    How does one translate if one can’t read it? Does one need to purchase it first?

    As they say on NPR, “I’ll take my answer offline, thank you.”

  2. Hi Aaron,

    You are right, this was not clearly explained in my post. Please contact Frank Spillers if you are interested in helping out by translating or buying a US copy.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!


    -update – I posted the Dutch poster as illustration now.

  3. Hi Marco,

    Thanks for the post and for your help translating this to Dutch!

    The poster has since been translated into:
    French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Portuguese (Brazilian). Coming soon: Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Greek, Polish, Russian, Turkish.

    Complimentary downloads of these versions can be found here.

    And, yes if you’d like to translate we can sort out the details.

    Thank you all for supporting the poster initiative. Now I bet you are wondering about the Emotion Design version? We are working on it- look out!



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