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BMW’s magazine: “BMW Emotion”

I am in the middle of preparing an interview with BMW’s worldwide head of design, Chris Bangle. Browsing through some websites I found that BMW has a magazine in Germany named “BMW Emotion”.

The magazine is published quarterly for the German market with half a million copies per time. It is described as “a topical, entertaining and informative customer medium with an expressive design to bind costumers even stronger. For 20 BMW offices in Germany.”

BMW Emotion

Is it obvious why BMW named this magazine “BMW Emotion”? One thing can be said; BMW is certainly an automotive brand that evokes clear and distinct reactions. Some hate the new designs by Bangle and perhaps just as many (or more) love them, which is shown by ever increasing revenues and sales. Not to mention the copying and acceptance of the highly criticized “Bangle Butt” (a derogatory term for the current rear-end styling paradigm among high-end automobilesWikipedia).

In my preperations for this interview I am particularly interested in what you (fellow designers, creative people and emotional design enthusiasts) think of BMW in terms of emotional branding/ design. Please, share your opinion, and perhaps I can ask mr. Bangle what was on your mind.

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  1. Question- how has BMW recovered from the i-drive and the decision to go with design choices based on sensory overload (tactile-kinesthetic) vs. a multi-modal interface?

    How has the i-drive strategy changed based on consumer reaction and adoption barriers BMW faced with the i-drive interface? What has BMW learned from that experience?

  2. New BMW OwnerVisitor

    I just purchased a BMW for the first time. The reason i bought this car was because of the new design by Chris Bangle. The car just stood out, it was unique. Im glad Chris took things to the next level. This wasnt a mistake, BMW made the right decision. Chris is genius.

  3. Jerry ChungVisitor

    I admire his bold and controversial design directions at BMW. It is extremely daring to venture into the unknown, to propose designs that have never been seen before.
    There are so much wrong with the details and yet there are so much right. Admirations signing off the designs.
    So much for the ‘flame surfacing’, what is the next ‘big’ movement for BMW to stay at the forefront of automotive design.

  4. Hashim IbrahimVisitor

    It is getting more luxury and give the respect to the driver, with dealing in best way on the road. It is in the top rank.


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